Concert Recordings

Some of our concerts are recorded and available for download. Please check the instructions below.

Summer Concert 2018

Conductor: Dennis Simons

How to use these files

The files are in MP3 format and we recommend that you download and save them on your computer. If you are using a PC you should right-click on one of the tracks below and select Save As.... You will then be asked for a location to save the file. The My Music folder is usually a good place. If you are using a Mac then you may have to use Control Click to get the download option. Once you have saved the file you can:

If you need further help with this, please ask Simon Large or Rob Watson.

Summer Concert 2017

Guest Conductor: Michael Bell
Violin: Sophie Silverstone

Autumn Concert 2016

Conductor: Dennis Simons

Summer Concert 2014

Conductor: Eugene Monteith
Soprano: Llio Evans
Mezzo-soprano: Dawn Burns
Tenor: Ben Thapa
Bass: Sion Goronwy
Recorded by: Jason Yean

Summer Concert 2014

Conductor: Eugene Monteith
Flute: Heather Leighton
Harp: Llywelyn Ifan Jones
Violin: Beth Fuller-Teed
Recorded by: Ben Smith

Summer Concert 2013

Conductor: Eugene Monteith
French Horn: Hannah Stonelake

Spring Concert 2013

Conductor: Eugene Monteith
Violin: Lydia Marshall

You can also find a video of the Prokofiev on YouTube

Autumn Concert 2012

Conductor: Eugene Monteith
Cello: Adi Tal
Recorded by:

Summer Concert 2012

Conductor: Eugene Monteith
Violin: Oliver Lewis
Recorded by: Keith Sujeeun

Spring Concert 2012

Conductor: Brian Weir
Flute: Catherine Handley
Recorded by: Ryan Jones

Autumn Concert 2011

Conductor: Brian Weir
Bassoon: Meyrick Alexander
Soprano: Emily Griffiths
Recorded by: Keith Sujeeun

Music in copyright

Music which is still in copyright cannot be copied onto CD or provided for download without purchasing a licence from the Performing Rights Society. We had such a licence for a few years but it was felt that the volume of downloads was insufficient to justify the cost of renewing the licence and therefore we can only provide downloads for music which is in the public domain. This covers quite a lot but unfortunately not all of the music we perform.